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Collage Art

Learn more about mixed media collages and try creating one yourself.

Doodle Challenge

Can you beat the machine? Start doodling and see if the machine can guess what you are drawing.

Famous Landmarks

Take a virtual tour of some of the most famous landmarks in the world

Galleries & Museums

So many now offer virtual tours... visit from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Dover Castle Art Competition

Enter a competition run by the Friends of Dover Castle

Dover Castle Story Competition

Enter a competition run by the Friends of Dover Castle


From live performing to juggling, hone your musical skills


Check out these fantastic documentaries on Netflix or Prime


Take a VR expedition using the Google Expeditions iOS or Android app

Young Quills Reading Challenge

Do you like History? Do you like reading? Take the Young Quills challenge!

BAFTA Young Gamer Awards

Could you design or code a game? Get started so you are ready the 2021 competition

Take the Chess Challenge

Hone your strategic thinking skills by learning to play or honing your ability against a computer


Research your family history and produce a tree based on your ancestry

Are you a future fashion designer?

If you are interested in fashion design you should take this free online course



Wellbeing? Mindfulness? Resilience? Take this online course to find out more about these.

Learn about

Ever wondered what the Dover College coat of arms is all about? Find out about heraldry...

Learn to

Knitting is cool and is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations.

is the new trend

Sailors in the Victorian era made items by Macrame whilst at sea. Learn this great skill. 

It's a kind of

The art of magic is not just for entertainment, but it inspires creativity too


Learn this incredible skill from the comfort of your own home

Can you read
a map?

Especially important for DofE, but a great skill for everyone to have, learning to read a map is easy


An important skill for us all, and it is never too early to start. Take this great course.

Sewing and

Get creative from the comfort of your own home. Whether making or mending, this is a great skill.


TED is a global community of those who wish to share a deeper understanding of a topic

What is going on with the weather?

Have you ever wondered why it can be so changeable? Learn about the science of weather

Have you considered volunteering?

Being part of community means giving as well as taking. Look at these great volunteering ideas.

Develop your
Leadership skills

Strong leadership is now more important than ever. Check out these great courses and resources.

Get practical with these DT ideas

These great sites will get you thinking differently about some of the everyday items we use

Service to

Some great ideas for SERVICE - useful to those doing DofE and more widely


Some broad skills you may wish to explore and develop if you have free time


You can be a force for good from your own home - consider ways you can help the planet


Learn about business and have a positive impact on your local community

How the Market Works

Have fun learning how the stock market works with this simulator - compete against others!

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