Mr Fisher has chosen to take on the Run The Month (Marathon Edition) Challenge this January, to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. 

He will be completing laps of The Close daily. You can check on his progress on his Run The Month page here


Mrs Shefford took up drawing in Lent 2020 and has continued since then. Here is a small selection of her work. We aren't the only ones who think she is very talented - she has already begun to sell her work! 

Katie Cowell (Fourth Form) has been exercising by riding her horse, including practising jumping


Katie-Jane Wallace (Remove) has written this fantastic poem, Why I The Merriest Making. It is based on her long walks with her dog on the seaside and is meant to infer her 'imagination'.

Louise Wallace (Fifth Form) has been out and about with her camera. She captured these beautiful photographs last weekend at Sandwich Bay. Thank you for sharing them with us, Louise.

Miss Richardson is taking part in a fantastic local creative project, which involves adults and children writing, typing or drawing a response to the question, where does reading take you?

The entries will be made into a big mural. 

The competition is run by The East Cliff Creative, based in Folkestone. To find out more or to take part visit this website. Entries must be in by later in February.

Ray (Lower Sixth) has been experimenting with beatboxing - a form of vocal percussion where the sound of instruments are imitated.

Mr Cox has managed to solve the problem of lockdown isolation. You can see some of his puppets in his assembly on New Year on January 11th. 



On Sunday evening at around 9.50pm, JR and Gustav came running into Leamington to report that a dog was stuck behind School House. Miss Plant and the boys set out to investigate. The yapping and barking was coming from the brambles, and Gustav tried to release the creature with a stick. Miss Plant cautiously swept up into her arms a small dog who now stopped yapping.

They decided to have a look around the Priory Hill entrances for any owners who may have been looking for a lost dog. Happily the owners were looking for him and he was returned, all the time observing social distancng.


Deano’s owners were over the moon and wiped tears away from their faces. A good deed was done, and a warm comforting feeling was felt by all.

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