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At the Prep School and Nursery, we consider our distance learning provision to be as important as our in-school learning. When it is necessary to engage with learning away from the classroom, we will not compromise on quality, creativity or content. For us, distance learning is an opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility of our pedagogy and we will continue to deliver the depth and breadth of a diverse and original curriculum. Supported by unrivalled pastoral care and an ethos of collaboration with parents and carers, our pupils thrive both academically and personally.


You will find below a brief description of what to expect from our distance learning provision in the Prep School, tailored to the age and stage of development of each pupil group.




Early Years: Muddy Knees Nursery & Forest School and Pre-Prep

In the early years, pupils are fortunate enough to have qualified staff preparing home learning activities that will continue to stimulate their body and mind. Using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, pupils receive daily tasks via email that offer broad coverage in line with their interests and needs. Staff offer feedback and support for each pupil and family, and complement formal learning requirements with home challenges such as helping with chores or completing an act of kindness.

Pupils are also provided with a resource file before leaving school, which includes an impressive array of resources to promote the seven areas of learning detailed in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Staff engage with regular wellbeing meetings with pupils over video calling platforms, and regularly update the school’s website and social media outlets with pre-recorded stories, poetry and messages of support. A range of enrichment activities are also available.



Prep 1 and 2​

Prep 1 and 2 are at a wonderful time in their educational journey; emerging into our Creative Curriculum and beginning to explore the wonders within, it is an exciting step. Our distance learning provision for these pupils is reflective of the need for pedagogical innovation and flexibility in approach. Pupils in this age group are dominated by a natural curiosity and we capitalise upon this by ensuring that activities are thought-provoking and meaningful to the pupils.

Class teachers hold daily, live lessons with the pupils over Google Meet for Mathematics, English and Topic lessons. The children are set age-appropriate tasks as part of these lessons, and those who are unable to access the live lessons benefit from the range of resources available on Google Classroom. Foundation subjects are covered comprehensively, with tasks set via Google Classroom to promote enquiry as well as subject knowledge. The activity schedule broadly follows the same timetable as pupils would enjoy in school and, as such, provides a superb breadth of coverage and ensures that there is no detriment to learning.


In addition to our digital learning platforms, the pupils are given a home learning file that is full to the brim of creative learning ideas across a range of topics and subjects. A range of enrichment activities are also available.


Prep 3 to 6​

As our pupils progress through the Prep School, they become more independent, confident and resilient. Our distance learning programme for pupils in Prep 3 to 6 provides a bespoke experience which is dedicated to maintaining the variety and quality that the pupils are accustomed to in school. It relies on pupils demonstrating enthusiasm for their learning and incorporates a range of knowledge and skills to promote autonomy and critical thinking.

Pupils have live lessons, via Google Meet, with their class teachers for not only English and Mathematics but foundation subjects too. For foundation subjects, specialist teachers take pupils on a journey of discovery through their chosen topic content and ensure that each lesson is both creative and informative, and is as enthralling as our in-school lessons. Pupils can access a great many resources linked to their learning through Google Classroom and a home learning file which includes a vast array of activities across a range of subjects. A range of enrichment activities are also available.


Education has always been multifaceted; teaching and learning has always been ever-changing. Though it seems as if we are facing more challenges, we are simply facing different, new challenges. Within the Prep School, we believe that every challenge presents an opportunity. We are committed to versatility and embracing the digital and mobile connectivity we are fortunate enough to enjoy, whilst upholding our core values and ethos.

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